One of the first cars I drove after getting my license was a well-used VW Super Beetle. It was the classic bright yellow, came with faux sheepskin seat covers, and of course, a manual transmission. My dad gave me a detailed explanation of how to work the clutch, how not to ride the brake, instances of when I should shift to a different speed, then took me out on the road.

I admit, I was so excited, then completely frustrated at having to learn how to drive a manual transmission. I knew how to drive, was good at it, and suddenly I felt like I didn’t know anything. But dad knew best, adamant that I learn this skill. He was my mentor, patiently explaining until I was comfortable to drive on my own.

It took me about a week, but as I drove that little, buzzy car more, I began to feel when it was time to change to a different gear. I’d be cruising along then I’d encounter a traffic signal turning red, or a big hill, or other cars, and I’d have to react. I won’t lie, I stalled more than a couple of times, but as I practiced, it happened less frequently.

Marketing for your business is similar. Maybe you’ve been doing it for a while, cruising along, when things start to pop up in your road. Maybe sales have dropped off, you’re noticing the competition more, or you may not know how to use tools like social media, to your advantage. You need help, someone to navigate the terrain for you and get you back on track.

I’m confident the process of learning to drive my yellow VW was made much smoother because my dad was there to guide me. Think about your business. Is there something you need help to understand or accomplish?